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Dominika – King of my Heart



If you wish, you can purchase individual songs from this album.


01. King Of My Heart 
02. Burning Love 
03. I Want To Hear You 
04. Not Enough 
05. After All 
06. What I See Now 
  1. 01. King Of My Heart 0:30
  2. 02. Burning Love 0:30
  3. 03. I Want To Hear You 0:30
  4. 04. Not Enough 0:30
  5. 05. After All 0:30
  6. 06. What I See Now 0:30

Dominika – King of my Heart
(Álbum digital)

01. Dominika – King Of My Heart
02. Dominika – Burning Love
03. Dominika – I Want To Hear You
04. Dominika – Not Enough
05. Dominika – After All
06. Dominika – What I See Now


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