Authority and Submission


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God has established a General Principle of Authority by which He Himself is governed. According to this Principle, we must do two things:


Obey the Authorities Established by Him;

Exercise authority over the people we lead;


It is just as bad to disobey, as it is not to exercise authority.

Both of these things bring very bad consequences.


Disobedience was the sin of King Saul, who brought misfortune upon himself.

Adam did not exercise authority over the land that God had given him, and he allowed the devil to steal his authority. This is how the Earth was taken by the devil, and how it became cursed.


True faith, which overcomes the world, is based on the understanding of these Principles. Believers are often unaware of the connection between Faith and the General Principle of Authority and Submission.


There was a centurion, who did not go to church, who did not read the Bible, and yet Jesus said that he had never met anyone with as much faith as this man. Not even in the midst of believers, did Jesus find so much Faith.


Why did Jesus say that?

Why did this man have the highest possible level of Faith?

Because he understood and operated in the principles of Authority and Submission:


He submitted himself to the Authorities that were above him;

And he exercised authority over the soldiers he led;


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