From Convert to Disciple


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Who is this book for?

1st For new converts.

A new convert is someone who gave his Life to Jesus recently, but he hasn’t yet undergone any changes: he continues living as he always has; He continues speaking and thinking as he always has; He continues having the same friends. In conclusion He hasn’t yet changed his LIFESTYLE.

If no one teaches him, he will never know God’s plan for his life.

Salvation is much more than escaping hell. It means living in a different way, in God’s way (living by faith) and that results in success in different areas of your life – health, finances, family, etc.

2nd For older believers.

Hebrews 12 … let us lay aside every weight; let us run with endurance the race that is set before us; always looking unto Jesus; without ever wavering;

3rd For the Pastors.

A Pastor has a basic aim:

1st To Evangelise – to win souls for Jesus

2nd To Make Disciples – to transform the new converts into disciples (followers) of Jesus


What is a Disciple?

It is someone who already follows God, who walks with God.

He honours God by going to church – the house of God.

He stops doing things that hurt and offend God.

He lives God’s way.


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