Family under fire




Is your family under FIRE?

Do you have a problem with your marriage, with your children?

Are there debts, unemployment, illnesses in the family?


Do you not know what to do?


Your FAMILY relationships can either be Heaven on Earth or a living Hell.


Do you want to be HAPPY?

If so, you will need to use God’s standards when building your family.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to protect your Family;
  • What a true family should be like, how a Marriage works;
  • The role of the husband and the wife;
  • How to raise your children;
  • How to build a Love Bank;
  • How to avoid the Thieves of Love;
  • How to Deal with Divorce and Divorced people;
  • How to close your doors to the devil;
  • How to solve problems that arise in the Family;
  • How to succeed in the financial area;
  • How to have a healthy family;


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